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Hate Taking Out the Trash?

Set up valet trash services in Ocoee, FL, and surrounding cities.

Tired of pulling teeth to get your kids to take out the trash? Do you wish you never had to take your trash all the way to the curb or the dumpster again? A&E All Purpose Services can make your wish come true with our valet trash services in Ocoee, FL, and surrounding cities.

Perfect for communities and apartment complexes, our door-to-door trash pickup service will help keep your property beautiful and clean. Our reliable Trash Porters will collect your trash and recyclables and properly dispose of them in your community's garbage disposal area.

Contact us today to get a free estimate on our door-to-door trash pickup services.


How does door-to-door trash pickup work?

Our door-to-door trash pickup process is simple. For our valet trash service, your community or apartment complex members will:

  • Fill up to two 13-gallon garbage bags with their trash

  • Place those bags in a bin outside their door

  • Place recyclables in a separate color bag

We’ll pick up your trash 5-7 days a week according to your community’s schedule.

If you’re interested in setting up valet trash services, call (407) 409-6237 now.

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